Bucks Ancestral Research

If you have ancestry in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire or beyond, Bucks Ancestral Research can help you discover your family story in these historic English counties. Ancestral heritage can encompass all evidence left behind from the past: not just the physical evidence of the past, landscape, monuments and houses, but documentary and oral evidence that reveals peopleā€™s memories, their experiences and how they fitted in to the social context of their culture and community. History, both family and local, is confined by what has been left behind but nevertheless much can still be discovered, if the evidence is available, about the most ordinary of lives.

The Internet is a wonderful medium for family history research but it is no substitute for examining original documents. Errors in transcribed indexes on Internet sites can often throw you off trail in your family history research. If your search has gone cold somewhere in Buckinghamshire or you need confirmation of some discovered informationĀ and can not travel to the county to investigate further, this is where a local research service can be of great help. No research task is too small.

Bucks Ancestral Research is owned and run by Anne Holmes, MSc Genealogical, Palaeographic and Heraldic Studies.

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